Foroba Yelen

Foroba Yelen (translation from Bambara: Collective Light). A community owned and operated streetlight, for the rural village of Zinzana, Mali, West Africa. 

The light was designed to fit around the tasks carried out everyday in the village, that were desired to be carried out at night. Two mobile lights resulted, whose batteries are charged from a central charging station in the main village. Locally available materials and expertise were used from the nearest town of Segou, as well as electrical components with a well-established supply chain to the area. 

A collaboration between Matteo Ferroni, Ashely Hall, Peter Krige, Aran Dasan, Amarita Kulkarni and Joel Trotter.

Academic Paper (Published in International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education)

Addendum: In the two years following the project, architect Matteo Ferroni has taken the design of the lamps further with the villagers, to great success: Guardian / Treehugger / Festarch 


Team // Matteo Ferroni, Ashely Hall, Aran Dasan, Amarita Kulkarni, Joel Trotter, Peter Krige
Location // Mali