Current Table

Current Table is a new kind of energy source within the home or office. Its integrated solar cells use the property of colour to create an electrical current, just like photosynthesis.  

The dye-sensitised solar cells also work efficiently under diffuse light — effectively making it the first piece of furniture to harvest energy indoors. 

With no cables, Current Table is self-sufficient and can be used to charge your devices. It is intelligent too and shows how it works best: through an app you read light intensity and how much energy has been stored. 

Made possible by stichting DOEN and Innovate UK.

A collaboration between Marjan Van Aubel and Peter Krige


Images by Mitch Payne.


Client // Caventou
Team // Marjan van Aubel, Peter Krige, Alicja Pytlewska, Instrument Industries
Location // London and Amsterdam