Bento Lab


Bento Lab is a DNA analysis laboratory, that combines the essential tools for molecular biology used by scientists everyday. With Bento Lab, you can take a biological sample, extract the DNA, and conduct a simple genetic analysis.

It brings inexpensive and easy-to-use  lab testing to professionals and non-professionals alike: from  curious makers, ambitious students, innovative artists and cutting-edge scientists.

Bento Lab has a sophisticated computer inside with the ability to connect to the web for software updates and remote operation.

Industrial Design by Instrument Industries


Client // Bento Bioworks Ltd
Team // Bento Bioworks, Peter Krige, Instrument Industries
Location // London
Status // Live

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The Custom Hardware

We designed 5 custom PCBs for the Bento Lab each with a different function to make all of the parts in the device work. Shown below are the individual PCBs.




EP Breakout and ESC